During the month of May 2006, the Dr. Albert E. Forsythe Chapter (AEF) of Black Pilots of America (BPA) undertook a two-phase Aviation Awareness program that introduced the world of aviation to the youth, male and female, participating in the Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP). The JUMP supports one-to-one mentoring for Black youth at risk of educational failure, dropping out of school, or involvement in delinquent activities. This particular JUMP, sponsored by a local chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, is funded by a federal grant and is administered by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Monmouth County, NJ. It is focusing on youth of the Asbury Park, NJ Middle School

The first phase of the project, held at the Asbury Park, NJ Middle School, consisted of presentations by chapter members on a variety of aviation-related subjects.

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